paddle length/spray skirt selection

Hi there. I just bought a used Necky Rip kayak that did not come with a paddle. Could someone please tell me what a good length paddle would be? I am 6 feet tall.

Also, what are some features to look for in a paddle? For a beginning kayaker is there really an incentive to buying above an “el cheapo” paddle?

Finally, does anyone have any recommendations on a spray skirt for this kayak?


skirt size
for a necky rip would be 1.4, in neo you could use seal or snap dragon, etc.

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Check the snap dragon site for the fit list. Rip is one of the standard sizes they make for.

WW and surf paddlers are going shorter than in the past. Paddle could be anywhere from 192 to 198 for you. Shorter is better in surf for quick acceleration and then to keep the paddle out of the way on a steep waveface. For white water, I like a bit longer for fudge factor to help pull me into small eddies.


Y/N on cheapo paddle
Yes is good because you won’t mind so much if you let go of it in a capsize and it is gone forever. Though there is the argument that the more expensive the paddle the more likely you are to develop an early habit of hanging onto it.

No is also good because hauling a log around will kill your wrists on any flat bits and the blade is likely to be a little better designed as you move up to better paddles, which could help in your learning.

"Zactly where are you planning to take the boat?

Paddle selection
A good way to learn about paddles is to go to the Werner paddle selection web site.

You can figure out most of the basics by changing the imputs and seing what happens. Don’t need to buy a Werner, but the site helps.