Paddle length/type

I’m wanting to get a 60 inch straight shaft to paddle a 16 foot bob special from the yoke, sit and switch.

Would I be better off with a 60 straight or a 54 bent? Can I get a 60-inch bent shaft in wood for $100 or less. I prefer bents in my other canoes, Rob Roy, Jensen C1, and even when paddling the bob special tandem.


sit and switch only works well

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with a high stroke rate, that is >40 spm. Otherwise you may zig-zag too much.
The essence of hit/sit 'n switch is the avoiding of correction strokes to go straight to make a very high stroke rate possible, which enables paddling with high speeds. This in itself highly effective technique, is NOT as easy as it may seem to be, and is most efficient in narrow canoes that track very well, when you paddle with a relatively short paddle blade with a stroke rate of much more than 40 s.p.m., and where the strongest tandem paddler paddles in the bow.

Why do you want a straight, when…
…you “prefer a bent” ??

I don’t know the boat you are talking about, but I prefer a bent weather I am in a tandem, solo or C-4.



i’m kneeling on the yoke
in the dead center. i figured a 60 inch straight might give me better reach than a 54 bent. what do you think?

when paddling kneeled and heeled
from the kneeling thwart in my Kipawa

I prefer a bent-shaft too.

not big into heeled
i paddle sit and switch from the yoke. it’s still way faster than heeled over canandian style.

then the bent-shaft will do

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as well or even better.
I just cannot think of any reason why a straight would be better,
if you like a bent-shaft already.

For kneeling, I find that a five degree
bent shaft is better than straight, at least for forward progress between rapid sections. I don’t have to sit and switch, and I don’t use any correction on most strokes. Keep your strokes well forward, get power on promptly at the catch, and get the paddle out before the tip passes your hip. Of course, you can switch as often as you like, for comfort, but if your strokes are right, little or no routine correction is necessary.

kneeling with a bent
I have no long experience with a five degree bent,

so I cannot comment on that difference,

but I do favor my Bell Voodoo bent-shaft paddle for kneeling instead of my Grey Owl Marathon.

First I thought it was because of the curved blade (which makes it a bit less bent…) but turns out the Voodoo is also an inchie longer.

So I don’t know why exactly I prefer the Voodoo.

Nevertheless, I sure don’t favor any of my straight paddles for covering distances. Kneeling or sitting.

bought a paddle
i wanted to go straight, but, thankfully, i listened to p.netters. i went crooked, and i’m glad i did.

56-inch bending branches bb special.

thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: gotta love this place.