Paddle Length

I recently bought a new Bending Branches Adjustable ferrule 215-230. And I’m thinking it’s too long. I never realized how short my old aluminum/plastic paddles were, but I estimate then around 195-200. Am I paddling wrong? I admit that I probably am, but what should ones goal be??

Seems like most of you use 213-215, yet in my QCC it feels like I’m ‘reaching’ out farther away from the boat so that I’m not paddling with the shaft.

how tall are you?
I’m 5’8" and I use a 215 with a Euro paddle although 205-210 is nice for me if I’m using a high angle paddle. Under 200 is more along the range of a whitewater paddle. My whitewater paddles are all 194.

In this case, size IS everything…
I have never seen the case other than with doubles or wide “barge” kayaks where a paddle longer than 220cm is needed.

Much of this will depend on your normal stroke angle, but if you whitewater paddle it is probably steep like mine was and is.

Guess the only choices are sell, swap, or saw…

No Such thing as “paddling wrong”…
No Such thing as “paddling wrong”, when it comes to length of paddle. YOUR style of paddling, determines what length you use.

I am 5-11, weigh 270 Lb, with broad shoulders, paddle a 22.5" kayak, and use a 215cm paddle. A friend of mine with a 21" wide kayak likes a 240cm paddle. “I Think” a shorter paddler is easier to use. My Opinion! :slight_smile:

It is all PERSONAL PREFERENCE! :slight_smile:

The best way I have found to tell “your” best paddle length is to paddle with a friend, side by side. You need to paddle at your “normal” stroke and angle, and have your friend tell you how shallow or deep the paddle is in the water.

If you are a high angle paddler, your hand which is farthest up from the water will be around shoulder height. If you are a low angle paddler, both of your hands when paddling will be low near the deck. A high angle paddler will normally use a “shorter” length. A low angle paddler will normally use a longer paddle. Note I said Normally!

Have your friend watch you paddle in your normal style. You want the blade fully in the water as you get the blade along side of you, but not so deep in the water that you can’t see the shaft end of the paddle. You always want to be bringing the paddle up out of the water as you go past you too, so it doesn’t matter how deep it is after the blade passes your side.

Good luck, and remember, paddle length is what works best for YOU, not someone else’s opinion.

Happty Paddling! :slight_smile:

6’ tall, 180# of muscle :wink: (and 21 for the fishing for men thread I guess)

I tend to gravitate toward a high angle stroke, and perhaps in an extreme way (I have no way of knowing at the moment though) because a ‘low angle’ makes me tired, real tired.

I don’t do white water in my 18’ Q700X. I should hope not anyway.

I had considered cutting around 10cm off the shaft, because after trying 215 I can’t conceive of any scenario when 230 would come in handy.

But when is a touring paddle really just too short? I suppose just so long as the paddle is in the water?

I should probably learn my forward stroke, I’ve seen mention of some videos, what would be the best one to start with?