paddle length...?

Noticed a previous discussion on paddle length and was wondering if I made the right choice. I just purchased my first kayak this year, an Old Town Dirigo 120. It was recommended that I choose a paddle length of 210 or 220. I am 5’4" and after paddling with several different paddle lengths I opted for a paddle that was 230. I’ve really enjoyed the sport this summer and have spent a ton of time on the water (much more than I even expected). By the previous discussion it sounds like you all might feel that this paddle is way too long for me. Could anyone give me more insight into this?

Not ness. the wrong choice.
I don’t know you or your paddling style, so there is no way I’ll sit here and say you made the “wrong” choice. A 230 may not have been the “best” choice, but if you are comfortable with it, that is what is important. Now that your out on the water, take andvantage of your local boat shop and/or other paddlers to try different lengths. Paddle length, blade shape, offset, etc all combine in ways that can impede your progress and increase your discomfort when paddling long distances. Take time to research and experiment and you’ll be fine. Welcome to the paddling community!

If it feels good - do it.
No one can tell what’s the perfect paddle length for you, or for anybody else for that matter. There are some guidelines that will get you in the ball park - but - there are so many variables involved. (How tall you are, how long your arms are, how wide your boat is, how high or low you’re sitting in relation to the water, whether you like to paddle with a high angle or low angle, how strong you are, how much surface area does the blade have for a given length, and some things I’ve obviously forgotten but will no doubt be pointed out.) The only way to find out what works best for you is to paddle as many boats as possible with as many paddles as possible as often as possible. Just have as much fun as you can, as often as you can. This applies equally to kayaks and canoes except for that high/low angle thing. JMHO. Oh - by the way - If you like it - that paddle you’re using is perfect. (You just might find one that is MORE perfect later.)

typical choice for a beginner
and probably a decent one. IN about two or three years you may be wishing for a 225 but a 210 for a 27 inch plus beam is pretty short.

My insight.
Since I like to tell it like it is… (or like I think it is)!

You made the same mistake that I did and that all new paddlers do, but you will paddle with it and have a great time.

In a year or so if you buy another yak you will be getting a 215 or 220(at your height).

Just my take!