paddle length?

What length would be best for a canoe with 32.5 width? Im 5’10.

I should have said double bladed paddle.

I’m thinking at least 260
240 is going to be too short. Its borderline short for my 6’1" guy and a 30 inch wide canoe.

Seat, Cross Section
First we need to know is the boat flared, with maximum width at the rails or tumblehomed, with max width well below the rails.

Then we need your stance in the boat; sitting low as in a pack canoe, sitting in a mid height seat like many Wenonahs, sitting on a higher seat like a Bell’s or kneeling?

If you are sitting low and the hull is flared, 260 is a good guess. As your stance height increases and the max width lowers from the rails, optimal paddle length decreases.