Paddle Length

Which would be the better paddle length for me, 220 or 230 cm? Would I even notice a difference between the two?

I am 6’ 1" and paddle a 20.5" wide sea kayak with a low-angle stroke.


My guess
would be that unless you are highly accustomed one or the other you wouldn’t notice any difference. I’m 6’ and use a 230cm paddle.

probably neither
220 is the better choice and you will notice a difference

On your style of paddling. Slow and lilly dipping, 220 is fine. But a 20.5 width of a kayak is pretty narrow. My Millenium is 21.5 wide and I use currently a 210 to 220 cm paddle, but I’m a fast and distance paddler and have it set for 215. In my surfski the new paddle on order is a 205 to 215 wing. The ski is 19" wide.

Is there a 225 out there?

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I'm 6'-2" and recently I tried to go to a shorter paddle from 230 and had to settle for a 220 (no 225 available). It was okay until I got into some situations where the extra length was missed. I went back to 230 and I'm happy with that. That's not the full story, and it doesn't answer your question.

If you have a chance to use a 230 and a 220, try them both. Ignore the paddle length and just paddle in your normal manner and watch how deep the blade goes. If the blade goes very much further than fully submerged on the 230, then maybe the 220 would be better, but there might be other things to consider. I found that I am more comfortable with the longer paddle when the going gets harder. It allows more hand placement choices when wind, or current is affecting the helm. I also sometimes need as much leverage as I can get to turn the boat into a very strong wind.

Anyway, at a normal low angle, my 230 blades are just fully submerging and even at the normal angle I paddle at (technically high, but not close to vertical), the blades are submerged plus an inch.

Adjustable length might be a good choice if you can find a ferrule that you like and that will stand up to the strain.

You will notice the difference
Well, your shoulders will notice the difference. That is especially true if you are not rotating much and using a low angle stroke. However if you are lily dipping it makes no difference at all. Use the shortest paddle consistent with your skill, style, boat width, and paddling objectives. So for a narrow boat used for fast expedition paddling with a high angle stroke you would definitely need something like a 210. For a wide rec boat used for putzing around a small calm lake with a low angle stroke it doesn’t matter. Get a long plastic paddle for $49.95.

If that is the only choice…
Get the 220, but you would be much better off with something between 210 and 220

Jack L

your best bet would be to get one of the adjustable jobs with 220 on the high end.Most folks get paddles that are to long and lose efficiency.

Yes there is a 225
Discovered this by accident. I have both a 220 and 230 Werner Camano. Both made at about the same time. Sweetheart uses the 220.

One day I took them apart and took half the 220 and mated it with half the 230. Didn’t measure it, but the “new” stick came out in between.

215-225 adjustable, full carbon
bent shaft paddle by Select of France. New without tags. Never wet. Though that may change.

I’d like to sell it if you or anyone else is interested. Ignore the $310 asking price in the pnet ad, make me and offer. Message me. (Will be offline Friday-Sunday)