paddle machine

does anyone know about an exercise machine which imitates canoe paddling? I saw one advertised in a magazine about a year ago.

RRose42 - - a thought.

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Note c2g's review of a canoe adapter for a Concept II rower, and my review of the rower itself (I've never used the canoe adapter).

Here's a thread with plenty of information about CII, which I think crosses over well with the back muscle and aerobic training required for canoes and kayaks. I love mine, and although I have not used it all summer, here comes winter--prime CII season.

One idea. And you can email c2g regarding the canoe adapter info. G'luck, RRose42.

Paddle One
The Paddle One machine is a canoe and kayak simulator. Web site Never tried it. I like my Concept2 rowing trainer for both the workout it gives and the support the company gives via its web site.


paddle machine
paddle one machine from canada is by far the better

Check out Kayakpros’ site.

Concept 2 with canoe adapted
I have the Concept 2 with the Vermont Waterways adapter. It is really nice. Anybody that has ever used a Concept 2 knows how nice they are. The paddling adapter works very well. I honestly do not see how the paddleone could be better. It would be lucky to be as good. The resistance and motion is so smooth with the Concept 2.

in a book
the book “Fit to Paddle” has a practice exercise. THe man takes an old canoe paddle and cuts off the blade, puts an eye bolt through it then attaches it to (forgive me I don’t know the name so I will have to try to descibe it) the rowing weight thingy that attaches to the wall and has two pullys.

I haven’t tried the idea, but it sure looks good in the pictures.