Paddle Maintenance

I am a newbie. I am the proud owner of a new Perception Prodigy 12. My new Swift paddle breaks down into 2 pieces. I have noticed that is getting harder and harder to seperate the 2 halves. I have been rinsing and wiping down everything after each outing but it continues to become more difficult to get the paddle apart. What can I use to lubricate the pieces that mate together?


303 works well
I’ve used that for a long time. UV Tech should be good for it as well.

Powdered Graphite
I use powdered graphite lubricant. Found at the hardware store in the lock section.

See if Swift recommends anything
particular. If not, I’d lean towards the powdered graphite.


Swift Joint Care Info
Great idea to check with Swift. DUH! on me. Thanks!

Here’s what I found…

Joint repair

Too Tight

The breakdown joint of a two piece paddle is a dramatically precise piece of work. Only a few thousands of an inch in dimension can make the difference between too loose and too tight. There are several factors that can cause changes in the fit. Fine deposits of salt, silt, chemical buildup from pollutants in the water, even temperature changes can affect the fit.

We recommend sanding the ferrule using 600 grit sand paper and water. Rotate the male ferrule in your hand while cupping it with sandpaper. Sand a little, clean it and try the fit until you have what you like. Then some auto wax or Armorall will keep it sliding smoothly.

Too Loose

If a ferrule has become so loose that it wobbles when paddling, it can be repaired by dipping the male end in a varnish or lacquer. (Polyurethane works well) Several dips may be necessary. Wet sand the ferrule lightly with 400 grit paper to remove tackiness or if the coating is a bit too thick and now the fit is too tight. By coating and wet sanding, you can fine tune the fit to your personal preference.

use your own oils
Now don’t laugh but like fine take apart fly fishing rods we’ve swiped a little face oil from the forehead or along side the nose and rubbed on the ferrule. Your natural oils won’t affect the glues on the paddle in any way and you won’t get anything dripping down the paddle shaft. Don’t knock it til you try it! Has worked for us for years on several take apart paddles.