Paddle making class with Caleb Davis

For those of you close to the eastern Adirondacks, Caleb Davis (master canoeing instructor and paddle maker) is providing a guided paddle making class in April. These hand made straight shaft thin blade wood canoe paddles are exactly the correct ones to use for perfecting any canoe stroke. Or go Greenland if you prefer.

When: Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: The Adirondack Folk School , 51 Main Street Lake Luzerne , NY12846
Cost: Tuition $185. Member Tuition $165.
Come and create a traditionally-shaped cherry paddle using only hand tools. You can make a canoe or native double blade (modified Greenland) paddle. After some history and an explanation of the shapes, you will pick your blank and get started! The process will be demonstrated from beginning to end to ensure that you come away with a perfect paddle. This one-day class will give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete a paddle that will accompany you on the water.

NOTE: All materials are provided. Material fees are included in price of tuition.

With all due respect to Caleb Davis, that double-bladed paddle is not “modified Greenland”, its something else entirely. I imagine the woodworking skills you would learn making one would translate directly to making GPs, but the paddle is not going to perform like one.

Its still well worth going to this session. Caleb is a good paddle making teacher and the skills you learn transfer very nicely to making a true GP

I’ve made several GP looking paddles.
Don’t know how true they are.

There is no one definitive GP design; there are myriad variations on a basic theme of long, narrow blades with a relatively short loom.