Paddle On Wide-Brim Hat

I like the Aussie Breezer I got from LL Bean last year. Lots of shade, lots of ventilation, and the brim keeps its shape.

Go figure, my fat head is just a bit too big for the Canoe wide brimmed hat.

That’s why I wear a Tilley. They come in real large sizes. I wear an 8.
The only other hat that fits me correctly is a Seattle Sombrero. It’s too hot most of the time.

I am 70 now. I can look at my friends and figure out which ones have worn brimmed hats, baseball caps and those that have not worn hats.

No hat is the worst. I have a friend with multiple Mho’s surgeries on his scalp. He has zippers going in all directions and has to get checked every 6 months. I have had one scalp surgery. I have worn hats for 50 years and had long hair before that, but we used to get sun burned as kids when we had short “butch cut” hair.

Love my Tilly. Great hat. Wouldn’t go on the water without it. Well worth the price.

I’m kind of a hat freak (am up to 4 Seattle Sombreros at this point) but am picky enough that I’ve given a lot of others away.

Picked up this light oilskin one a little over a year ago and have really grown to like it. I do need to add a keeper cord to it for paddling though I’ve worn it twice canoeing and it stayed on in a mild breeze. I only mention it here because the 5 sizes are unusually generous – goes up to XXL which their chart says is size 7 7/8. But I usually have to get a 7 3/4 (big head and fluffy hair) and this size L fits me with enough room for a thin bandana or balaclava if I needed it. So I have to think their XXL would fit somebody even above an 8. The soft wide stretch internal band adjusts to my noggin snugly and it sits comfortably – the hat is surprisingly crushable and definitely waterproof. I like that it doesn’t flop like the Sombreros – nice sturdy brim. The Indiana Jones panache doesn’t hurt.

It depends on the climate somewhat. In the West where we have severe clear a lot during summer, and often paddle at elevations, a hat with a 2 1/2 inch brim does not get it. I used to wear a ball cap with a bandana draped under it a lot. That still leaves the face exposed. Even with sun screen, the reflected rays of the sun off the water can really burn the skin, especially at 5,000 feet and a week long trips. Try a buff any time you feel sun burn.

Saw some folks with hats that looked like these, seemed like a good design. They weren’t using the face cover. Not sure how they do in the wind but probably not an issue if they fit right.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen…
An oversize bandana will cover up most of your neck, and is great for soaking up a bunch of water. You can do whatever you please with the water. I typically wet down the top of my head, and this put it back around my neck.
Helps to drop the body temp.