Paddle Pant Recommendation?

-- Last Updated: Sep-06-12 12:11 PM EST --

Would anyone be able to recommend a good economical paddle pant that would work well for fishing? I have been looking at the NRS Endurance pant, but was wondering what other folks are using. Thanks.

NRS Paddle Pant
I have used this for several years now. I recommend it. It’s tough and well built.

NRS Endurance Pant
So you have used the NRS Endurance and liked it? That is good to hear. I will more than likely purchase a pair.

NRS Edge
I have the NRS Edge paddle pants. Like them a lot. Worn a bunch of times and still look like new. Appear to be very durable. Like the ankle closures and pockets.

I use waders for fishing.
Neoprene waders work great in cold water