paddle pants with built in sock

Looking for something like this. All I could really find was the Kotatat set up for app $175. any suggestions? My friend has pants with a long type of vapor barrier sock attached above the knee I believe. Suggestions please. I have a drysuit but that’s overkill right now. Thx CF

Can be dangerous. Paddle pants are not
set up to keep volumes of water from getting in at the waist if you take a swim. Goretex socks will prevent that water from escaping.

I have a Palm “bib” with breathable socks. It mates to a drytop fairly securely, so if I swim, water can’t get into the pants. But I would never wear the bib alone.

So be sure that your plan for sealing the top of your drypants can be expected to work. Talk to some fishermen about what happens if lotsa water gets into the top of their waders.

Think layers …
You want to have immersion clothing that is easy to change and add and substract. Honestly surf booties and a wetsuit to fit water temps keep my feet fine.

Are you talking splash pants with built in socks? Never seen such a thing.

Pants with attatched socks…
Just from memory, NRS was selling such a thing, You might look at their web site to see if they still do. I thought about getting some as a shoulder season piece of gear …by the way…a few years ago a video was posted on the waders with pfd and it was very surprising how little water was taken on while using a waist belt. Seems the pressure from outside keeps water to a minimum…

How about extra-tall boots?

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Chota makes a version of their boot with the Goretex top, where the top goes well up the leg, like traditional hip boots. They can also be rolled down in some way to a more standard height, like a little below the knee. This style of boot was new this spring or last - I have forgotten which. Unless it didn't sell well, I'd expect it to still be available.

I often wear rain pants over standard-height Chota boots. As long as I'm reasonably careful about water depth when I step out of the boat, that works fine. I can see why a taller boot would be nice at times though.

As far as safety goes, water getting into extra-tall boots when swimming shouldn't be much of a problem, because even though they will have plenty of water in them, that water weighs nothing until you climb out, so as long as they don't balloon-out to full volume and become cumbersome (which doesn't happen on boots with a cinch-strap top) swimming isn't hard. Modern Gore-tex waders are amazingly safe and easy to swim in for the very same reason (the "danger" associated with waders refers to the traditional kind, which are made from 15 to 25 pounds of rubber and rubber-faced canvas and have quite a bit of a "funnel top" even when using a waist belt). But once you climb out onto shore you'll still have a good bit of extra weight "on board".

I suggest
the NRS 2.0 Farmer John with neoprene booties. with wicking-type t-shirt & underwear on underneath, it’s more comfortable to me in Spring/Fall weather than the drysuit.

Why is your drysuit “overkill”?
Just wear a thin wicking layer underneath and you should be comfortable. As the water temps drop, go with thicker layers.

whats the difference
If Im wearing a pfd and Im in the water up to me neck, please remind me what the difference is whether I have pants on or I dont.

I think you can glue latex booties to any semi dry pants with a latex ankle seal. If they are constrained by well-fit shoe they should not suffer alot of stress from any water trapped inside.

Stocking foot waders
I have a Kokatat Goretex bib with attached Goretex booties. It has a skirt that rolls into a drytop, but 90% of the time I’ve used it without the top.

However, the Goretex was expensive many years ago and seems to be ridiculously expensive now.

The bib is really nothing more than a fisherman’s stocking foot wader, which are available in waterproof fabrics at much lower costs than Goretex, and are frequently on sale.

Be aware that there always have been controversial fears that these waders can fill up with water and drown you. There are several videos now available on YouTube that significantly debunk those fears. It helps to keep water out of the waders if you wear a snug belt and, of course, have on a fairly snug PFD. I’d also recommend carrying a knife for many reasons, which could also be used to slash the waders if necessary.

I wouldn’t used my bib alone on challenging (to me) whitewater because of the risk of long swims, but I use it in certain climate conditions with no qualms on quiet waters.

Great idea
Took the idea of socking foot waders one step further and checked out Basspro shops for socking foot hip boots. Seems like a good solution for only $59 – would work well in most conditions, price is reeasonable. Obviously not a replacement for “dry pants” or “dry suit” but could be practical for mild temperature water conditions and it would solve the wet foot issue. You’d just need some form of water shoe to protect the sock - most likely a size or two larger than rountine.

Yes they would be hard to swim in but I think the idea is worth considering.

When you need to get out of the water
Yep the water in the pants has neutral boyancy so long as the pants are submerged.

But when you get out of the water your pants will get pretty heavy.

agree w/ that
If I were wearing paddle pants I don’t think I’d be any cooler than when wearing my drysuit.

That is true. I guess if you glue booties on to a pair of semi dry pants at the latex ankle, it wont be easy to drain the water entrapped in the pants.