paddle question

Have seen in shops, and in this weeks photo, kayak paddles that look like they came out of my father’s old butter churn.

What type of paddle is this and what are it’s advantages?


That’s a greenland paddle (GP)
lots of information here about them and you cna google on them too.

Skinny sticks
If you mean a paddle that is skinny and (usually) wooden, that’s indeed a Greenland paddle, or GP for short. These are similar to what the Inuit used for centuries to paddle skin kayaks, hunting seals and other sea critters along the coasts of Greenland. Advantages: easier on muscles and joints, easier to roll with (especially to learn rolling), and good conversation starters. People constantly will ask you about your wierd, funky paddle. The other advantage for me is cost - $22 for a nice western red cedar 2x4 at my local lumber yard.

More info and plans for making a GP at

Cheers, Alan (have made about 25 so far)