Paddle Question

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I am new to kayaking and looking to buy a paddle. First... I am going with a Carlisle paddle mainly because I work at an outdoor store and get good deals on Carlisle paddles. Out of all the paddles they make what is their best paddle. Money is not a problem due to the deals I get. So what is their best.
Second... I am not sure what size to get. 220, 230, or 240. I have an 11 foot Cayuga 110 that I use for day tripping and short overnight camping.

Thank you in advance for your help

Carlisle Magic Fiberglass
I have a fiberglass Carlisle Magic - decent paddle. Pretty heavy for an all fiberglass paddle but unless you are going to be paddling a lot of rocky rivers, probably a better paddle to start with than the plastic/aluminum combos. Lots of factors in paddle length, but most new paddlers decide pretty quickly that their first paddle purchase was too long. Assuming you are not 6’8" (maybe even then) you should try the 220 first.

Not trying to be disrespectful…
But does the store where you work not have people to give sound advice?


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We dont sell kayaks/paddles. Most outdoor stores have a program called 3point5 and thats where I am buying it from. Its a camping store and one guy paddles but doesn't know much about it.

I agree with Jbead
I would say that the magic paddle is the way to go. It’s the best Carlisle has to offer. I’m surprised 220 is their shortest length though. I would go with that length unless you are astoundingly tall.