Paddle questions

I have an Aquabound two piece Carbon or graphite or whatever. I tend to forget those things. Anyway, the past couple of times using it, I have noticed more and more friction putting it together. The other day I needed someone to pull on one half while I pressed in the release button.

I’ve kept it clean and can’t see any noticable warp to it. Any ideas on how to keep it slick?

graphite lubricant.

Clean & lube
Are you a saltwater paddler? You may have a thin salt deposit that is causing the interference. Soap & water clean, dry thoroughly, and apply a lube that will not attract more dirt. Graphite works but is a bit messy. I use paraffin wax crayoned-on and buffed out. Pedro’s Bicycle Chain lube would probably work well too.


Scraped Down
I finally scraped mine down a bit yesterday using a knife blade. Second time I’ve done this, once last summer and again yesterday. Just shave a tiny bit off the ribs of the ferrule buy scraping the blade across the rib with a perpendicular angle. It gets progressively worse in hot weather, even with using graphite and cleaning, but will loosen up in colder weather. Never used mine in salt water, so I’m not sure why it does this. Once guess is that the plastic ferrule expands differently than the carbon shaft in hot weather.


I’ve got what sounds like the same
paddle and while its sometimes is a bit cranky putting it together and taking it apart, its never been as bad as yours sounds. As for hot weather being the cause, I don’t know. Its usually easier for me to take mine apart during the summer months when its 95+ here in Texas.

Bike Chain Lube is a poor idea. First, stuff like Pedros is similar to 3-1 oil. Water will eventually (quickly) wash it away. Second, when broken apart, the exposed ends, coated with any residual oil, will attract and hold some dirt and grime that will actually accelerate wear during assembly and disassembly. More wear will eventaully make the joint sloppy and loose. A loose or sloppy fitting joint will then allow more dirt/grime/sand to penetrate and potentially “lock” the shafts.


After you clean it…
…spray some silicon lube on it.

Do it several times a season.



Try This, I do it
I am a big fan of the “Star Brite Marine Polish with Teflon”. I use it on my composite kayaks, and my wife’s Thermo molded plastic kayak.

I also use it on the furrels of my paddles. The Teflon in it will not attract dirt, and makes the joint slip together and apart very easily. I have never had a paddle stuck.

I actually use it on the wood kayak paddle I have too, as it makes the shaft slipery enough that I don’t get rub spots on my hands when paddling!

Try it!

Senior moment
Man, I didn’t mean Pedros. Must be getting senile.

What I meant was White Lightning, a wax lube.



Environment Safe Lube
I have an ONNO paddle and keeping the ferrule lubed is a must. (excellent paddle by the by) Axle grease was reccomended but I switched to Bore Butter when I noticed I did not have axle grease laying around the house. Bore Butter is a food grade lube that I have used for years to treat my muzzleloader. It works great on my paddle and it is not messy, not bad for the environment and kind of cheap. Check it out.