Paddle questoon, Pilgrims

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Ah' gots dis here torment in me noggin' about de difference 'tween a "willow" style an' de "ottertail" style in canoo paddles. Fer example.... ah' gots a Nashwaak Crusier an' a couple of S&T Racine paddles an' wat ah' read some sources call dem "Willows" an' some "Ottertails".

Be thaar a difference or be it jus' spamantics? Gotta git me mind right. Thanky kindly.


willow style
is a new one on me, but have heard of paddles made of black willow being calle willow sticks. Is it possible your ottertail is made of willow, and is hence both a willow and ottertail???

De Nashwaak be cherry…

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an' de two S&T's be walnut an' birdseye maple. Ah' jus' watched Caleb Davis's Paddle makin' videoo an' he calls de styles of deez paddles "Willow" style. Caleb then calls a paddle dat de blade actually tapers an "otter tail".


Called “poltroon” paddle in NJ.

That bird maple Racine must be pretty…
… heavy! More for courting Mrs. Crabtree in the Chestnut?

A little bit heavier…

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but not too bad. Dun't matter anywho, Miss Crabtree do all de paddlin' while ah' strums me ukoolalee an' sing her roomantik ballads - such as "100 cans o' Spam on de wall, take one down an' pass it 'round.... 99 cans o' Spam on de wall..."

Fat "Lover Boy" Elmo

My apologies to Mademoiselle C.
But she’s sure a lucky gal!

Caleb Davis makes a square
tipped (on the top and bottom) but wider on top Voyageur style paddle

and I think the ones he calls a Willow style are the ones with a similar long wider on top than bottom shape but with rounded corners.

He also makes a standard ottertail.

Better yet take one of his paddle making workshops and make your own. He is a fine teacher and a neat guy.

I have an S&T birdseye maple
ottertail that is by far my prettiest paddle. It is a bit heavier, but if you use an in=water recovery the difference is almost unnoticable.

I looked for Caleb Davis videos
several weeks ago when the question of freestyle paddling instruction came up. I didnt see one here @ or elsewhere.

I saw him give a class in a heeled over tandem paddled solo at a Jersey Paddler Paddlesport some years ago. He was as smooth a teacher as he was a paddler. In an ornamental pond (about three boat length long) at the hotel behind the Convention Center, he made that boat dance AND he made it look easy and natural.

So let me know, if you can, where the video might be available.

TY, Kaps