Paddle recommendation

-- Last Updated: May-21-05 1:23 AM EST --

Just put a deposit down on a Wenonah Spirit II. Looking for a good recommendation on paddles. My wife is a new paddler, and I have whitewater kayaked for 10 years. Mainly flatwater due to a 2 year old that will be tagging along.

A good bent shaft
paddle would do you good. A Camp microlight would be my middle of the price range recommendation, and Zaveral would be my personal first choice. But that is my opinion.

Charlie Swengros

North Carolina

Since you both are new to tandem canoeing, I’m going to recommend inexpensive plastic blade straight shaft Carlisles until you really get a feel for your style of paddling together. After that you can key into what length, blade shape, bent shaft / straight shaft paddle is right for you. Then make the more substantial investment in quality wood or graphite paddles. Your boat is a Spirit II and the seats are mounted high in this boat. This may mean you will need tad longer paddles. And although I know it will be very much worth your while to learn how to use single blades as a team (and you need to keep working on this), take your yak paddle along at first for the sternman for the times when things just don’t click. A double blade will instantly smooth things out.

What Moose Said!!!
Oh yeah. Remember in a canoe it is called a double blade and NOT a sissy kayak paddle. ;^)

Happy Paddl’n!



Ottertails Are Nice…
We use ottertail paddles, made of ash - tough and light. The ottertail shape is great for in-water manouvering while doing draw and pry strokes. I find that other paddle shapes are more prone to ‘hook’ or ‘trip’ when I’m trying to slide 'em around beneath the surface.

paddle is chosen
Thanks for the inputs. I think we are going to go with the Zaveral recreational paddles. Like the light weight.