Paddle Recommendation

Hi Gang,

Need paddle recommendations and where the best place to purchase. I saw there are some for sale on the classified section, but have no idea what to look for.

I am 5’8", will be paddling an Old Town Predator K140 w/ my dog; lakes, rivers, creeks.

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paddle for wide kayak
My opening advice (others will know better): for a 31" wide kayak, you will need a pretty long paddle. You’re a little shorter than I am and may need a little extra length to clear the sides of the boat, so I suggest nothing shorter than 220cm. I’d look in the 230cm range, maybe pushing up to 240. Most kayakers end preferring a shorter paddle than they start out with, though, so don’t get carried away.

Lighter is better, but it might be hard to find a really light paddle that is that long and that doesn’t cost much. Still, lighter is better. Much better.

Placid Boatworks used to carry very long AT Exception OS paddles, which are very light and well regarded, but they cost. My club has been happy with our Harmony paddles, from what they now call their “traditional” line (or “classic” or some such – not Greenland paddles, just an older series of designs), but we haven’t had any really long paddles, so our experience might not extend to your case.

Go for a small blade unless you’re sure you want to stress your shoulders and power the boat along. Of the three kinds of blade shapes (Greenland, Euro, and wing), you almost certainly want Euro.

Sorry I don’t have specific models to recommend. Does Old Town push any particular paddle with this kayak?

– Mark

a Sting Ray 230cm? They go for about $160 at REI, but often go on sale in the $120 range.


Paddle Recommendation
Their sister brand is Carlisle. Maybe the Magic Plus?

Is there any way I should test paddles prior to purchase?

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Pacific Paddles
They’re pretty affordable (~$120) and lightweight. They do a decent job (though, I can tell a difference between it and the $300+ paddles that I get the opportunity to use).

You can get them in any length.