Paddle refinishing

This winter I will be refinishing my Mitchell Horizon GP. Factory finish is polyurethane varnish.

I am toying with the idea of sanding/stripping the varnish and applying several coats of epoxy to seal and harden the wood before applying spar varnish.

My question to anyone who has info on this is will I be able to remove all vestiges of the factory finish so that the epoxy will adhere?


If you
epoxy then ya don’t need to spar on top o that , plus you’ll be adding weight to it w/multi coats o epoxy . I’ve sanded down to the wood on 2 of my wood blades and applied epoxy , no problem stronger and just as pretty.

Ooooohhhh, stain…
Had not thought of that!

My real concern is that I might leave small pockets of varnish in the pores of the wood which would have a detremental effect on resin.

I agree with Mike that an epoxy coat needs varnish - my goal is not to eliminate varnishing but to better seal the wood and strengthen it. Varnishing is a fact of life for a wood paddle!

Thanks to all.


Epoxy will stick pretty well to varnish
although one would want to remove as much varnish as possible for good appearance. If you are going to add UV spar varnish, probably two coats of epoxy is plenty.