Paddle rest

What is the best way to rest your paddle securely to free your hands? I tried velcro on the coaming, but it didn’t work too well. Paddle leash is really for a different purpose. I hate to drill holes and mount anythng. Any thoughts?

What boat?

Prijon Excursion

One of the big ones with the wire guard. clip it on to your deck line


Do you use two for one paddle?

If your yak has bungees, just
push the blade under one of the forward ones on the deck, and lay the paddle with it parrallel to the kayak but at a slight angle so it misses your body and it should stay right there.

I did the balancing act for many years, until finally one day I saw my wife do it.

These females know mor than we give them credit for !



what are you doing that requires it?

Big carbiner (sold under brand the brand name “Paddlebeener” and similar, or just get a really big one), clipped to a deck line. Just need one, clip the shaft thru it and the paddle won’t go anywghere.

Or a paddle leash run around the wrist. Nice part of that is that in challenging conditions you don’t have to stop and separately affix the paddle if you are trying to help someone out.

Under the bungies is not always reliable if the water is very active and you are hauling someone else’s boat over your own - can be pulled out pretty easily during an assisted rescue. So having either/both of the above available can be useful.