Paddle scabbard - leave it on permanently?

Hello fellow paddlers,

I recently purchased a North Water Paddle Scabbard for my sea kayak. To install it, I will need to thread the built-in loops through the deck lines - which is fine, but I am wondering whether folks just leave these things on their boats permanently, or take them off when not in use. I don’t particularly mind the thought of leaving the scabbard installed permanently, except that I wonder if it will flap around when I’m driving with the kayak on top of the car, possibly putting wear on the deck lines. What do others do with their paddle scabbards?

Link to the product for reference:

Thanks in advance,


Leave it on. For years now with the first paddle pants.

I have one that is removable but I still generally leave it on. No worries wirh driving with it, if it really flops around maybe just add a piece of bungee cord over it to hold in place.

Mine were called paddle socks. I took it off and threw it in a closet. Seems that a paddle half up forward in that thing was too far for me to reach.

Leave on permanently.