Paddle shaft collet/coupling source?

Does anyone know a company that makes the paddle shaft collets/couplings for the new style adjustable kayak paddles? I'm not looking for paddle manufacturers because they're all tight lipped about who they get their components from, but I was hoping someone may have run across the plastic (nylon) shaft collets manufacturer. Days of google searching has returned zippo.



paddle ferrules
Sawyer paddles will sell you a stainless one, I think Chesapeake Light Craft and Newfound woodworks sell both stainless and carbon fiber. Have bought stainless from Sawyer and carbon from Newfound.


If you’re talking about the adjustable length/feather ones - most are proprietary.

The ones that might be available are not as slick. I’ve seen two that I think are used my more than one company (Not US) and may be available, but can’t find a source.

Maybe look at your local home centers, discount, and hardware stores to see what’s available with pruning poles, cleaning/painting poles, etc. Never know what might be adaptable - if not direct to shaft - maybe added to a standard ferrule set (for tight fit and strength).

The standard two piece is available lots of places in SS, Carbon, and Glass. A link to the ones mentioned above:

Yes, the ones I’m looking for are for variable length & feather. Similar systems are used on telescoping walking sticks, various telescoping poles, light fixtures, swimming pool accessories, etc, but I have yet to find a company that produces or distributes these 2 plastic parts. I’ll eventually need several to build some prototype shaft configurations. Thanks again - Bob