Paddle shipping

I thought I had a cardboard tube to ship my greenland paddle in but now i can’t find it.

Does anyone know where I can find one of these?

Thanks in advance

I have it. It’s in my basement…
You had one but then you shipped me your Beale in it. :slight_smile:

Too bad your Superior wasn’t 84 or 85" or else I would have bought it as well. It looks like Robin got in touch with you to buy your Explorer LV. I just wanted her to buy it so that I could play in it!


when do you need to ship it by?

i worked in a kite hsop where we shipped LONG pacages all the time…we used the USPS priority mail triangular tubes…two of them can be put together easily to ship with…you can order them for FREE from sometimes you can find them in your post office…

(i have in the past turned one inside out when not shipping usps but do not advertise that)…


Poster tubes
I think what you might be looking for are poster tubes. You can find them at staples, office depot, or any office supply store.


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a sonotube...used to pour concrete pillars. or else thin walled PVC with duct taped ends

hope that helps some

Best Wishes

not sure where to get a smaller than 6 inch sonotube (I know that they can be special ordered) but the PVC is realitively easy and cheap

Thanks, everyone!
I found the triangular boxes from USPS and “melded” three of them into one that was long enough to fit it easily. Nice.