Paddle shortening questions

I wish to shorten my Aquabound Expedition 240cm (ABS blades - fiberglass shaft) paddle by 20 to 25 cm (make it a 215 - 220 cm).

I checked the archive and found a thread about lopping off the entire amount from one shaft and re-drilling the hole for the ferrule button. I think 20 cm (about 8") is too much to cut off from one side.

The thread also mentioned, without going into specifics, removing the paddle blades by applying heat, shortening each shaft, and regluing the paddle blades with epoxy. This would seem to be a better approach.

My questions: What tool do you use to apply heat with, and how much heat do you have to apply before the blades can be removed? Are there any alternative methods for removing the blades?



I Made a 210 out of a 230
My original 230 was a one piece. I bought a ferrel from the manufacturer, Lightning to make a two piece out of the one piece. I cut the 20cm out of the middle of the handle. It took about an hour and a half for me but if you reworked your two piece it should be easier. You would have your break a bit off center but that should not be an issue.

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remove an even amount from both
sides of the paddle shaft…then the button is still then in the middle…and you will not throw off the indexing of the shaft…

heat…try a hair dryer first…i did it to an old paddle and the epoxy that i used to reattach has proved to be MUCH stronger than what the manufacturer used…

Manufacturer’s will do it for you
I had both my Epic Full Carbon Lengthlock Active Tour and my Mid-Swift shortened this past winter.

Epic shortened the paddle at the ferrule machining it newly. Eddyline removed the blades and shortened the shaft from the far ends as they noted the ferrules are reinforced. I found it worth the charge from each to have it done in a manner that did not compromise the paddles.

I didn’t trust myself to not screw up a $460 or even a $250 paddle.

No matter how you do it …
do only one blade at a time .

what’s wrong with just cutting one end?
What’s wrong with just shortening the female end of the shaft and drilling a new hole? the male part of the ferrule isn’t heavy enough to upset the balance of the paddle. only paddle i ever shortened was a plastic blade-aluminum shaft rec paddle that i made into a 215 from a 240 and thats how i did it and eventually it turned out fine.

Why not cut one?
2 reasons:

  1. cutting the 8 or so inches from one shaft would have me cutting where the shaft is oval instead of round - so the round male end of the other shaft would not fit.

  2. it’s a fiberglass shaft and I belive the ends near the ferrule have been reinforced - if I cut an end off there I lose the renforcement.

    Does anybody have any specific tips for removing the blades from the shaft?