Paddle shortening

I have a 240cm Werner fiberglass 2-piece paddle, with offset positions, that I need to shorten.

Would it be acceptable, and would I get into any balance problems, if I shortened the one side with the holes for the offsets, by 20cm, and drilled new holes?

I know it would put the plunger in an off-center position, but it looks like it would work. I can’t seperate the blades from the end, so that seems to be the only way. This will be my secondary paddle, as I am searching for a wing model for racing. Will us this for just touring.

Would your hand hit the ferrule though? That would be uncomfortable. Since it’s a secondary paddle anyway, I don’t think it would be so off-center as to cause a problem. Just check where the ferrule will end up.

Maybe call Werner and get their thoughts. I have to shorten mine too, and have meant to send it to them to do (as I’m tool-inept), but haven’t yet. They have really nice customer service reps.

Someone Reported Through
email that Werner is no longer shortening paddles for folks.

I have done a couple of mine. There is really no noticeable difference in balance since I’ve only shorten by about ten cm’s. But, these are light paddles. A heavier shaft model may show some difference.

Needed tools: drill press, bandsaw (or hack saw by hand). Make sure you tape areas to be cut/drilled. Masking tape also makes easier to mark lines and holes.


I know, that is the only drawback. I think it would be slightly in the way. I will contact werner though, to see what they think.


I agree on the balance issue, I don’t think it will be a problem. I paddle with gloves, so the pin should not be a problem for me. If it is, I’ll find some type of grip padding in that area I can use.

Check …
Inside the shaft with the holes for the plug before you cut…

You might want to move it down inside the shaft so it is below the cut.

Thinking about doing the same with my FG Camano…

Let us know how it turns out… GH

follow up
Did find the plug. The measurements, cut, and hole location went fine. Making sure the blades are lined up exactly for the initial pin hole cut is critical. The pin does not interfere with my grip at all. However, when I made the cut, 20cm,shorter, the shaft started to go from a circular shape to a slightly oblong shape, due maybe to lack of support over the years, or grip pressure, don’t know. It was difficult to get the two pieces together, so I went with only the center hole, unfeathered position, and assembled with some lubricant. It is not going anywhere, I may have made a one piece paddle in the process.

I just talked with them
about this very issue and they are still doing the mod.

In order to maintain proper balance, a paddle must be shortened by at least 12cm to accomodate the central ferrule position.

I decided not to shorten as I only wanted a 5cm reduction.

It would be interesting to see how a Werner shortened would swing with the ferrule off center. May not be a big issue to us non-racer types.


Oval shaft

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It sounds like you cut into the area where the shaft transitions from round to oval. If it fits together, it should work, but forcing it that way does introduce stresses that weren't there before.

It’s not a problem

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I've shortened paddles by 10 cm and the offset ferrule is only noticeable when you take them apart and there's a bigger difference in length between the parts. If you decide to do yours and you need instructions, email me and I'll send you some. The process it quite easy.

I think it will be fine, as it did go in without any serious hammering, or the like. I do think both sides of the shaft were made that way in the grip area.

I checked my blue shaft 230…
and it looks like I would be running into the same problem taking 100mm out of it… second thoughts now… GH

Werner Carbon Shaft
I cut one down and you have a different inside diameter about 4" in. Had to send it back to Werner to get a new half shaft. Werner said they shorten by putting heat on the blade collar and twisting the blades off. Then cut the shaft and reglue the blades on with epoxy.

Now that’s good to know!
Given the choice, that seems like a better way to go.

Cool!! Thanks…

I shortened a 240 to 220 by
spiral cutting the shaft ends at the blades. I then removed the blades and mitered the the cuts, sanded the blade inserts and insides of the shaft pieces and used epoxy to glue the blades back on. If I can do it anybody can. This way you don’t mess with ferrule location. Patrick with Onno hipped me to this method.

instant gratification
that sounds like the way to go. Unfortunately, I cut mine already today, as the title says, I need my instant gratification:-))

should have waited, but it work as is.

What make of paddle did you do that to… GH

which I bought to paddle a sit-on-top. I’ve since gone on to paddle sit-ins and needed to shorten the paddle. As long as you’re carefull not to cut to deeply while making the spiral cut it’s easy. Breaking the blade loose after the cut was a pretty intense sound; like a bone breaking. The finished product looks good and I’m very pleased with the results.