Paddle shortening

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Will a carbon Werner's blade release from the shaft using a heat gun?

You can call Werner and ask them.
Lots of guys have reported success getting blades loose by heating. It kind of makes me nervous, though, because the Werner blades themselves use epoxy resin. Heating the epoxy join between blade and shaft must be done carefully or the blade might be damaged.

I tried and
I tried and could not get the blade off the shaft.

I used a digital thermometer to make sure I would not exceed the max temperature before ruining the paddle.

Werner customer service might have the answer

Why are you going after the blade?
If you’re shortening a kayak paddle, there are splicing kits (Wildnet) and if you’re shortening a canoe paddle, do it at the grip.


Werner blades have long inserts
As Salty says, don’t do it. One reason Werner paddles are so strong is that the blades have long inserts into the shaft. Same principle as knee or hip replacements - the bulk of the implant is a long shaft inserted into the femur or tibia.

You will probably ruin the paddle if you try to remove the blades.