paddle shows

Does someone know of a paddleshow in northern-front range colorado area ??? if not, does anyone have pictures of a paddleshow ???

right here
Yes right here on P-net there is an events calender. Look to the left of your screen, there is a catgory called features, then go down to events. I tryed looking in it for Colorafo evnets, but didn’t find any, and since I don’t know what the driving radius is that you have…so I couldn’t try any harder.

If I were you I woudl go to Canoecopia in Maddison WI. I think i heard of one in CA but I don’t know. Just check around.


Paddleshow photo’s
Here are some I took last year at the Jersey Paddler show in NJ.


what was that…
what kind of kayak was that blue one getting put on the car ???

Don’t know

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I was looking at the operation of the Thule hullivator.