paddle shrink wrap?

thinking of making my paddle thicker where i hold it. somewhere down the road, i’ve seen some kind of heat shrink wrap material that can be used to add an index piece. is this available in retail stores, is it regular stuff available in hardware stores? i don’t know where to begin a search for this product, so here i am…

I use yak-grips they are foam and make
the paddles thicker and are warmer in the cold than just the paddle shaft.

I have one small shaft…
and I used tennis grip tape to enlarge the diameter, similar to bike tape. It has held up well.

Grayhawk, how well does it
deal with the water? does it ever dry out? also, does it add some diameter to your paddle?

Heat Shrink Tubing
in sizes large enough for paddle shafts can most easily be found at electrical supply stores. It is possible that HD and Lowes might have some too. It comes in various materials from vinyl to PVC to polyolefin and more, but the PVC or vinyl is probably more durable. I once tried poyolefin, which was softer than PVC or PO but it tore easily when I hand-clamped the shaft against my coaming during entry and re-entry.

A split piece of vinyl tubing or a sculpted piece of minicel foam can be used as an indexing ridge.


Shrink wrap grip tube

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For a thicker grip:

or bmach1's yak grips:

Lendal paddles sells a shrink wrap kit that can be used to put an index on any two piece paddle. They have a bunch of options: standard thickness, high profile, and flexible (for bent shaft paddles). There are two different types of shrink wrap: grippy like the whitewater paddles, and smooth like the touring paddles. I don’t think the kits are very expensive.

Best bet to get one is to stop by the Lendal booth at Canoecopia and talk to the factory guys. Or, we can probably order one for you at Rutabaga.


(Rutabaga/P&H Guy–Lendal fan)

Tennis tape…
It’s been on a few years now and is still fine. It is not usually my primary but I do use it. When not in use it is on the back deck as my spare. It’s a carbon Werner with the small diameter shaft and I taped it to increase the diameter. It works just fine.

I’ve also heard of bicycle intertubes
being used. Just cut to length and stretch them onto the shaft. I havent tried this though.

thanks, for the great info.
i’ll check out the electrical stores.

cheers, James

Not kidding …
Just put 1000’… yes 1000’ feet of it in the alley last night…