paddle size

Just picked up a Tsunami 135, 13’6", any clue what length paddle I should get?


How tall are you ?
Need to know that first



fit guide
You can use the fit guide on the Werner Paddles website.

Did you not buy from a dealer or do you have one nearby? They can help you out as well.

Paddle size
I always heard that It’s not the size of the paddle that matters but rather how you use it ? or was I thinking of something else?

I always heard once you go 'yak you never go back…

size matters!

I’m 6’ 5", taller in the torso than in
the legs, and I use a 215 cm for touring, with a “high angle” style.

I doubt you’ll need anything more than 220 even if you use a low angle style. I made the mistake of buying a 240 cm Werner Camaro, and I haven’t been able to use it.

I agree with G2D

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Many people(myself included) get paddles that are too long. My first was 240, then 230, and now I graduated to 220 (and wished I got 210 or 215).

Unless you have a recreational boat that is very wide (which you don't), I'd probably stick to 220 at the longest.

The Werner web site does have a decent paddle fit guide which is useful to go through even if you don't get a Werner paddle.

g2d- I bought the same camano paddle at 240 or 235, but I was able to cut both ends off and now very happily paddle it at 218. I paddled it for years before my first cut to 228, and then paddled that for years, but it was still to long (slow learner I guess).

You need to take 8-10 cm off the female end (any more and the oval of the shaft will start to interfere), and the rest off the male end. It was not that difficult to cut it down, and I hate to see your camano sitting gathering dust.


Thanks, Peter, but I’m also tempted
to lengthen it so I can use it, kneeling, with my solo canoes. Werner will lengthen it if I pay them, but I’m cheap.

I’ll echo what other have said about the Werner website for paddle sizing. Also, check out Aquabound’s website for sizing and Epic Kayaks “Paddle Wizard”.

You will first need to decide if you will be a high or low angle paddler, as the blade shapes and overall length ranges differ between these styles.

I paddled my first two years as a low angle paddler, then noticed I was more of a mid angle paddler. I felt the high angle was a bit too stressful on my shoulders at the time. Since then, and with more time on the water, I have migrated almost completely to a high angle style. As a result, I have sold most of my low angle blade styles and replaced them with shorter length paddles with high angle blade shapes.

You likely won’t settle on one or the other style until you have paddled for a while. For this reason I would suggest buying a good paddle, but not top of the line. There is a good chance you will change what you like and find something that works better for you over time. There are some very good paddles in the $150 range.

Given that you paddle a Tsunami 135, a fairly narrow boat, I wouldn’t consider any low angle paddle longer than 220cm. Pretty much what other have already said.

Here is an article you might find useful: