Paddle Sizing Question

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I checked with the paddle fit wizard, which says that I'd be most happy with a 216cm paddle. All of the rentals I use are about 215cm.

I will do mostly moderate-slow touring. I paddle for fitness, but in the same manor as someone who rides a comfort bike in a century ride.

Someone offered me a never used 220cm Werner Athena for $250 which is a killer price. How big a difference will the extra 4cm make? I come from the cycling world where 4cm might as well be 4 feet! Not sure its as big a deal in paddling.


For what you describe,none, IMO.
I can tell the difference in a 230 and 240, but for the non-racing paddler I can’t see that small a differece being a problem.

I couldn’t recommend 1 over the other
1 cm shorter vs 4 cm longer. For the paddling you described I would be very hard pressed to care one way or the other. Actually, wanting to do everything there is to do in a kayak, I would be hard pressed at this point to give you a decisive reason one way or the other for your 1 favorite paddle. In my opinion, given 1 cm difference vs 4cm and assuming 216cm was right on target (I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t be), better blade design and material for the money will likely provide more benefit than the centimeters one way or the other.

Unfortunately she sold it!
That’s the thing I hate about what Craigslist has done to the world. Now, it doesn’t matter what agreement you make with people in advance. They sell the item first chance. Oh well. Another time perhaps.

She who hesitates…

Don’t fret…
I think someone might have been looking out for you.

In my estimation that is a tremendous difference in a a paddle.

Especially if you have been paddling with a 215.

You didn’t say your height, or what boat you are paddling, but for what it is worth, I think you saved yourself some good money by loosing out on it.



But Jack, youy are a maniacal
paddler who could tell the difference.

Don’t correct him
Whether it was true or false, it made me feel better! Don’t rock the boat. :slight_smile:

My 2 centimeters,
I have a 220 Lendal touring, and a 215 Werner Ikelos.

The blades on the Lendal are much smaller so the extra length helps give them more leverage. They also don’t have as much dihedral shape as the Ikelos, so the Kinetic Lendals catch more water on a more flat surface. The Ikelos are huge in comparison yet don’t feel as big as you might think because of the dihedral shape.

Right now I prefer the Werner, but also like the advantages of the smaller blade. I have to be careful going into the wind pulling on that much blade. I’m sure I’ll keep using both.

Anyway, if the Ikelos was a 220 there is no way I could use it.

If the Lendal was a 215 it wouldn’t make much difference.

I would check out the Cyprus as well. To me the Werner high angle perform well at any angle, but that’s JMO.

Their sizing chart as well as Epic was accurate for me.

For $250, you can get a custom made
ONNO that is carbon fiber and has 10 to 15 cm of extension and infinite feathering adjustments. You can have one paddle that is 210 to 220cm or 209 to 219cm, he will make whatever you want.

And Pat will talk you through the process as well to make sure you are getting the right thing for what you want to do.

Got mine last week. It’s very nice. And Pat is a regular on the boards here as well.

Google search for ONNO paddle and his site will pop right up.


Here’s a Solution
This guy will build you a paddle any length you like for less $:

Two excellent options
Thanks so much for all the feedback and the options. I’ll look into both of those!