paddle skills

I have just bought a bell rockstar, it is a fun canoe. It is my first solo canoe though and I think I need to learn some strokes. I have been paddling all my life but my technique is self taught, and probably could use some refinement. Can anyone recommend a good book or a websight that could steer me in the right direction? Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

In person instruction right from the get
go will get you off to the best start.

No book or video will give you feedback on what you are doing and chances are good that if you do something wrong…we all do…you won’t know till someone points it out.

The ACA has a instructors database searchable by zip code

Thank you!!!
That was just what I was looking for! I shot off an email to a guy who lives 15 minutes from me. Thanks!

It’s a bit of a drive for you but
The Adirondack Freestyle Symposium is July 11-14 in Raybrook NY, near Lake Placid. First class instruction will be available at all levels. In addition to the instruction provided, you’ll get to meet many like minded paddlers, including several PNET regulars.

Details will be posted on the freestyle website ( just as soon as our webmaster can resolve some technical problems.

Marc Ornstein

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If you can get to northern IL
there is inexpensive and good ACA Instruction at the Aurora Paddle Sports Festival the weekend of June 11.

I will be there along with a bunch of others. You will pick up a lot more quicker than a book.

aurora paddle sports???
I’ve never heard of it? It sounds right up my alley though. Is there a websight or something?

Check out

We are not dissing books and vids
per se either.

They are great for after instruction when you know you messed up something. Usually students after they know how to do something right have a smart sixth sense that something is not right perhaps with a J stroke or something else. The book can be a handy reference.

Books can remind you what that might be…but never pass up an instructors email. Most are willing to help apres event.

I like to solo and I love the McGuffins book Paddle Your Own Canoe.

books and videos are an excellent source on what you should be striving for and doing. Personal instruction provides feedback on what actually are doing. Both are invaluable learning tools.

Check YoutTube, there are several good vids on there. The best thing is…practice.

Some good short videos here might
be helpful. R

I had no idea there are instructors
near here.