Paddle Sticking

I just bought a new Aqua-Bound Sting Ray paddle.I am very happy with it so far.My problem is when I try to take it apart,it is very dificult to pull apart.It usally takes two people pulling on each end.It has fiberglass shafts.Any ideas on solving this problem.THANKS!!!

Don’t know if you’re using the paddle in salt or fresh water. If salt, always rinse the paddle joints in fresh water after using. To get a paddle apart when stuck- bend over slightly with your knees close together, place the shaft behind your knees, grab the shaft tightly with your hands just outside your knees, and use your legs to pull the paddle apart. My experience with using two paddlers has had limited success. Cheers-----------

It may be defective.
Contact the company. They may be able to help

sand it
I had this same problem with a Carbon Aquabound shaft. You can sand the male part of the ferrule with 300 grit paper. Just a bit at a time, until it is more manageable to take apart.

303 or WD-40.

I agree, some cautious sanding
should help. I did that to a Werner Camano that was reluctant to come apart.

or just use your feet
to hold the blade at one end and one hand to punch the button and twist the blade on top …

Sand it
I had the same problem with an Aquabound paddle so I called the company and spoke to the president at the time I think his name was Joe. He recommended sanding it and then he called me back the next day to make sure everything had worked out fine which it had. Now how is that for customer service?

I have also experienced this issue with my Werner Kalliste.

It will change with temperature also.
Mine sticks when hot. Put it in the garage and take it apart after dark, comes right out. I also spray silicon spray on it, that helps some. I hate to sand it as the joint will eventually loosen anyway, so why wear it out early? But sanding might be the ticket.

Dry grafite
I hate using liquid lubes because they seems to attract dirt which makes the problem worse. I like dry graphite or a dry ptf lube. I would avoid sanding it if possible except to make it smoother. 400 grit or up.

Sticking paddle
Sanding good, spray good.

When having troubles getting it apart, put the paddle behind your knees, grasp paddle with both hands (one on each side of your knees) and spread your legs.

This puts equal pressure on the paddle and generally works fine.

one more sanding vote
my aquabound something or the other lender required sanding after about a year.