Paddle sticks

I have a Harmony Tortuga paddle & for the most part I’m very pleased with it. However it sometimes it becomes all but impossible to seperate. Part of the problem I attribute to suction as the piesces fit pretty snuggly together so it kinda forms a vacuum.

Any suggestions for making it easier to seperate in the future? I’m a little concerned applying some sort of grease will only create more problems.

Thanks in advance.Rob

I’ve had this same problem with many paddles. Depending on the material, you can just sand down the “male” half, which works with some–but this is tricky–do not overdo it or you will have a somewhat loose connection. If that’s not an option due to material or you don’t want to physically alter the paddle, I have also had luck just applying a very light coating of petroleum jelly before I go out. Also, I have found that submerging the paddle in cold water for a minute or so, if your destination is a cold-water area, before attempting separation helps.

The good news is that this does go away with use. I had to “grease up” (no sanding) the connector parts of my Werner Camano paddle for a few months, and then noticed that they began to separate easily on their own, and I no longer need to do that.

Try some powdered graphite from the locks section of your hardware store. This usually works pretty well and you won’t have to sand the ferrule.


I second the graphite
I have that paddle. Had the same problem.