Paddle storage display rack

I’m looking for plans to make a wood paddle storage display rack. This would hold several canoe paddles vertically, with the paddle grip secured in the rack. I’m looking to display some fine woodwork paddles indoors, not something to hide away in the garage (already have that). Thanks for your help.

Just empty out your gun rack.

Paddle display…

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If you will email me, I will send photos of a couple of very simple(no plans necessary) paddle racks that I made.

One of the racks is actually an old beater paddle that I cleaned up & made into a rack; the other is a simple canoe design that I cut from wood & use as a rack.

If you're looking for fancy; better wait & see what other offers you get...........


I might be able to help you with …
… some ideas by asking you a bunch of questions that can help you make decisions on just what you want and how you want it .

Many , many ways to do something like you are asking about … questions need answering and possibilities reduced .

If you’re planning on ever using those paddles you’ll be much better off storing them hanging from the handles rather than having the blades pointing up. They’ll eventually bend out of shape stored that way, gravity always wins.

Bill H.