paddle storage - vertical or horizontal?

Thinking about switching from my kayak slings to the Talic Kayak Condo & saw they also have paddle racks - both vertical and horizontal. The pics show the racks holding either one-piece paddles or 2-pc left assembled.

I have always broken down my paddles after each trip, washed off the salt, wiped dry & then, well, placed them in an unused (empty) aquarium in the basement so I don’t step on them. I don’t put them back together again until the next trip.

So, is it best to store 2 piece paddles assembled & horizontal or vertical, or broken down & vertical, each half with the blade up in a wall storage rack?

Just like sex
It’s a matter of personal preference and whatever space you have available

If they are being stored long enough
to worry about warping or something, you might not be paddling enough, heh heh.

I break em down and store them vertically. I have a rope with a couple of loops in it that they hang from blades up. This is mainly so they have a home and aren’t on the floor where they can be stomped on or crushed.

As far as stresses and warping I doubt it makes a difference.


Mine are stored in a nice cloth bag.
Then I lay them in the space behind the seat of my extended cab pickup truck.

When I am in Florida for four months,
they are lying down in the back of the truck. When I am back home they are usually standing up.

That goes for both my canoe paddles and my yak ones.