Paddle storage?

What’s the best way to store expensive 2 piece paddles when not using them? What would better for the ferrules, storing them put together hanging from a wall or pulled or apart in a bag?

Take the paddles apart after each use. Otherwise you can miss that grit or salt got in there and have caused the paddle to freeze together.

I have just taken the paddles apart and given them a good rinse and stored them against the wall in the paddle shed. Which is just a garden shed unheated. Below zero.

Check the manufacturer’s website. It should have a FAQ. Werner states: “Store your paddle hanging apart with blades up.” So I do, summer and winter

My Lumpy hangs on the opposite wall. They’re both wall art.

Take apart the two pieces, wash off seawater or any mineralized or silty water both outside AND inside the shafts, let dry, and store as two pieces. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are hanging or lying flat, as long as you don’t stress the paddle by using them to support other objects. That is, don’t pile them up and put things on top of them. And put them someplace where they won’t get stepped on, whacked, or dropped.

I also keep them out of direct sunlight, to minimize UV degradation.

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This is how I do it:

Thanks everybody for the comments and the pics!