Paddle suggestions and price

I'm going to a big demo next weekend, so I guess I'll get a good bit of info there, but what should I be looking for in a paddle and how much should I expect to pay?

The handful of people I've talked to and from looking around on this site, the general consensus is not to skimp on a paddle; buy the best one I can afford.

But what's that mean, really? I could have "afforded" to buy a $2,500 triathlon bike but the bike I have (for a grand less) is all the bike I could possibly use.

The paddle needs to be good for day trips in Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and weekend trips in the Keys and Everglades.

How much $$ are we talking?

Between $150 and $300
That will get you a good paddle. Carbon or Carbon/Fibreglass. I would shoot for under 30oz.

Many brands to choose from. Werner and Aquabound have paddles in that range and will probably be at the show.

Call Pat at ONNO paddles. I just bought a carbon touring paddle from him. 26oz. $215. Custom made.

There are many other brands that people will add as well.

ONNO Paddles
For the money they can’t be beat…on the other hand, if money were no concern they still can’t be beat (in my opinion). Where else can you get a custom built carbon paddle built to your spec.s for $215.00.

I bought a Werner fiberglass
paddle for about $180 for my first one. It weighs about 30 ounces and has served me well.

Epic, Werner, Lendal are often cited
And it seems Onno and Lightning paddles are well liked by experienced folk.

You could spend $400 on an Epic. Though, I’m not sure if you should wisely spend that much for your first paddle.

Under 30 ounces is a good target. If you are not already paddling relatively short (under 220), you might consider a paddle with adjustable length. Many kayakers use increasingly shorter paddles the more they perfect their forward stroke.

I sent both my Epic and Swift paddles in for shortening this winter.

or his hybrid layup is less
and very good and light.

I’ve Like My Onno
paddle a lot. I bought one of Patrick’s signature paddles and have been using it for about four months now. I paddled with a Lightning paddle for about a year and a half, carbon blades and light glass shaft, I like that paddle also but not as much as the ONNO.

Happy Paddling,


I’ve been happy with aquabound products so far. I own a Expedition AMT and, now a Tsunami (which i scored used cheap in mint shape) and i belive they do make very good paddles.


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A custom made Beale Greenland paddle $150 plus shipping
My favorite is an Eddyline Windswift about $250
Can't go wrong with a Werner, Lendal, Aquabound. As a first paddle, look for something used.

I’m getting my first Beale Greenland …
…used from tsunamichuck. Should be here this weekend. Yea! No one ever forgets their first kiss (I still remember chasing that wintergreen Lifesaver around Bonnie’s tonsils in the stacks at the library), or their first Greenland paddle. Thanks, tsunamichuck. :slight_smile:

Sea Kayaker Mag 2005 Readers Choice
Here is link: flip through to see best options in many catergories, including the Werner Camano paddle. Welcome to kayaking.


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