Paddle suggestions

I have a QCC 700 & I am looking for a good all around paddle. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Robert G

Worth the wait, light and affordable.

JT in Central Florida

Second the ONNO
Light, powerful, good price, hand made for you.

do it yourself…

or buy

there are lots of good paddles out there
I’ve had good experience with Werner, Swift, …

check out the used ads:

good all around paddle
if you don’t have any paddles you need two paddles, a spare and regular fancy paddle. For good all around I’d get an Aquabound glass/carbon shaft with plastic blades for somewhere around $150-$200, that could be a good spare later on or regular paddle. In the range of pricier paddles a lot of it is personal preference. I got an Onno last year and would put it into the category of ultra light more than all-around although I hear you can get a beefed up version. I find it’s catch is more distinct than I like compared to Epics foam core Signature blades. I also snapped the Onno blade trying to assemble the oh-so-very-tight ferrule together. The paddle was vertical and I applied too much downward pressure while it no longer twisted. “CRINGKCH”. I repaired it as I was embarassed to admit I couldn’t assemble a paddle but it’s tighter than necessary.

Werner has a range of “good all-around” paddles but once again that’s personal preference territory.

Pacific Paddles
Don’t overlook Steve Wilce’s Pacific Designs paddles. They are a little unconventional looking, but are a quality paddle at a reasonable price. Weight is only 29 ounces, and price around $120. Check them at I like mine.

what kind of paddler are you?

Rather than throw out the usual brand names, I’d ask instead:

Robert, do you prefer a fast cadenced more vertical style? Or a steady but slower cadence of touring? Do you want to use your kayak for fitness and/or fishing as well?

How much does your current paddle weigh and how does your wrists and body feel about that? Going lighter is cool, but IMO shouldn’t be an obsession or even a major determining factor given that most people paddle short distances in partial day trips. If you are into marathons, multi day events or racing, different criteria apply and huge diffs in ounces matter more.

Do you have any repetitive wrist or elbow injuries? Maybe a bent shaft is in your future.

How does the QCC fit regarding the length of your torso? the length of your arms? Would a certain length of paddle work w. those measurements and give you optimum ease and efficiency?

How rough are you on your paddles in the water and on land… - not everyone needs or wants a very light carbon paddle that gets tossed into the truck bed or on the ground, or used to push a heavy laden kayak off the rocky shoreline.

Speaking for me only, I consider the best overall paddle shape,the optimum paddle length x width,whether it’s dihedral or not, at a weight light enough to make a difference but not so light I have to really baby it. That all means more than the name on the paddle.

One last thought: consider an adjustable ferrule. Several makers have come out w. them. On the water or before you launch, you can readily adjust to differences in boat width, paddler dimensions, waves and winds, and altogether different paddling styles. I have two now in 205-215 cm and 215-230 cm, both carbon or carbon hybrid. The latter has a narrow blade 5.5"x 18" the other a bigger face 7.5 x 17".

I keep an middle quality 210 cm FG paddle as my spare (good suggestion above) and a kevlar infused ferrule 215cm paddle, also midquality, for messing around w. braces and rescues or those rocky shallow riverbeds. Either can serve as a guest’s paddle.

I’m just learning to kayak, so this gives me a lot of flexibility to experiment and learn. Remember too a good outfitter/paddle shop will let you demo paddles as well as kayaks. Happy hunting.

by my previous post I was asking what style of paddler are you… not “what kind of paddler” as in how experienced or how good a paddler you are. I now see on your profile you are an advanced paddler.

What I posted is just the way I approach equipment purchases. It might apply to anyone regardless of skill level. So hopefully it was not read as a jibe at you - it was not meant that way.

good stick
We are a high end open topped kayuak manugfacturer. The only stick we offer is the AT Exception in oversized blade.

An offset or crank paddle, it has one of the best fared blades on the market, so is drier than most, and the non cupped blade lets the paddler, not the paddle designer determine cadence.

Worth looking at - it may or may not please you.

The 700 is a fast boat, you need a fast paddle. ONNO Wing mid tour, Carbon layup. Pat will make it one piece, two piece, adjustable length and feather…all internal of the shaft.

I have a two piece and it’s a pleasure to paddle with. And the price was right too. Worth every penny,