paddle suggestions?

Planning on entering a relay next summer. My leg will be the 12 mile kayak leg. What is a competitive paddle?

Epic with length lock so you can get the right feather and length.

If ONNO ever gets a screw type “length- lock” is is even lighter than the Epic.



There’s no such thing…
…as a “competitive paddle”. Concentrate on training and any good-quality paddle will do the job. The differences in performance between paddles are very small compared to what one can accomplish through training.

Don’t rely on gimicks. Kayaking is simple,don’t make it hard. Enjoy the trip,Training is the key. Vaughn Fulton

thank you
got a year to prepare.

Finished off the beer and Ice Cream in the fridge last night,then took my bike out for a spin. Thought that might cancel out the Beer and Ice Cream.(its a start)