Paddle suggestions

Just bought a 12 ft kayak, a Wilderness pungo 120

My torso length is 24-26 inches, I’m 5’6.5 in height, 125 pounds

My arm span is 5ft

Just wondering on any lower priced paddle suggestions out there

wide boat
Since you are so short in the upper body and the boat’s beam is so wide (29") and has a fairly deep hull, you are going to need a relatively long paddle to avoid banging your knuckles on the gunwales. I’m close to your height and used to use a 230 cm kayak paddle when my boyfriend and I took out our tandem canoe which was 29" in the bow where I paddled. I also used that size with my first kayak which was around 27" . Depending on your arm length and whether you use a high or low angle stroke, you might get away with a 220 or 225 cm.

Aquabound makes probably the least costly quality paddles that are reasonably light with fiberglass shafts (which is the minimum you want). Backcountry has their Manta Ray on sale for $88, which is a good deal:

Very good deal!
Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile: