Paddle the Missouri & the Mississippi

Has anyone paddled the Missouri and the Mississippi all the way to the Gulf of Mexico? I am trying to plan a trip from Three Forks Montana to the gulf. Any info and input would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

is this robert?
If not…

I’ve done all Missouri, got lots of friends who’ve done whole thing…

Email me I got more info than u can imagine.



I met several paddlers along the way,

the ‘questions’ section might help with your planning.

I paddled . . .
. . . the Mississippi from the source to Venice, LA.

some links
That’s something that I’d really like to do next year. I’ve not found anyone who has done that complete distance but this guy

talks about doing the entire missouri and this guy

talks about doing the mississippi…put the two together I guess?..

Done Missouri. Got dozen friends who’ve done all. Contact me and join Facebook site " missouri river paddlers". Got more. Info than u will ever need

most complete
Best guidebook out there on the entire Missouri…all 2300 miles.

Verlen Kruger
during the Ultimate Canoe Challenge. Read the book, its got plenty of good info, although its 30 years old. He paddled from Three Forks to the Gulf on one section of the trip, although that was a small part of his 28000 mile adventure.

Paddle the Missouri to the Gulf.
I assume you have read The Complete Paddler by David L. Miller and Ka-Ka-Ska-Ska by Jim Lewis. The first describes the Missouri from Three Forks to St Louis, the second the Mississippi from the headwaters to the sea.

When are you planning to go? I am planning to do the Missouri from Three Forks to James Kipp next year.

Check out face book “missouri River paddlers”…tons of info, blogs and people who have done all 3400 miles

Go to Facebook and search “Missouri River Paddlers.” Also look at “Files” for accounts of prior trips. Consider joining. A small, very knowledgeable group. When are you going, and planning on going solo or seeking a partner?

several paddling now
Here are a few headed down the Mo to St. Louis and two beyond to the gulf of mexico.

This guy is starting from canada

This guy is nearing Ft. Peck Dam today headed all the way

this guy is near bismark today headed to st. louis

canoe missouri
How are your plans to paddle the Mo and Miss rivers going???