Paddle the upper Yough or other rivers.

Hello all,

My daughter and I are looking for other paddlers in the Southwest part of PA. She is 14 and I am 41. We live outside of Washington,PA. I have a truck and trailer to haul quite a few kayaks. We just need another transport vehicle for it to work. I am willing to take/drop off. Please let me know. I don’t always get notifications from here, but you can message Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

Three Rivers Paddling Club
Why not hook up with the Three Rivers Paddling Club folks? Yearly family membership dues are nominal ($10/yr) and the club has some excellent paddlers, some of whom run the Upper Youghiogheny regularly:

I assume you are aware that the upper Yough is a Class IV whitewater river. Does your 14yr old have the experience and skills to handle it?

Paddle the upper Yough or other rivers.
Yes, she can handle herself extremely well for 14. I will take ownership of not being specific enough. We are looking at more of the middle section. As far as a ‘club’ goes, I don’t want to feel obligated to the rules and regulations. I’m not saying we don’t practice safety, but I’m not looking for someone with a clipboard and check list to govern the float. We want to just have a leisurely float… Nothing crazy or elaborate. Thank you for your reply though.

if you don’t know the difference
between the top yough, upper yough, middle yough, and lower yough then maybe you do need to hang with some clipboard and whistle folks until you get this ww river stuff dialed in.

middle yough is probably where you want to go and these guys can hook you up


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I live in Washington and paddle often but more ww. I would second the riversport suggestion . I have also taken lessons from the crew and it definitely is laid back but will increase your skills faster than you will think.