Paddle to Bahamas from Florida?

It’s on my bucket list, as is a trip from Key West to the Dry Tortugas. Local paddler Bruce Gipson has made the Crossing from the Bahamas to Florida:

Greg Stamer

The guy who owned the Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost in Fort McCoy, Florida, about 15 years ago paddled alone from Florida to Bimini in a rec kayak and also the length of the Mississippi. I can’t recall his name, but here he is in the orange shirt at Gores Landing.

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If I was to do it, I’d go Bahamas to Florida. Much larger target to hit should you get pushed off course.

Seems like ti has been done many times before. Came across this article: as one example.

The Big Blue Ocean can kick your butt.
I never wanted to be stuck in a sea kayak 24 hours a day. Hard on the back, too cramped, hard to sleep, How do you take a crap at sea?

People have done it. Talk with them.