Paddle to Bahamas from Florida?

I have some friends who want to look into this and I said “I’ll go if you go” which may have been stupid. We are all long distance kayakers with sea kayaks as well as Scupper Pros. We will need to decide which ones to use if plans continue.

Plan would be to leave Florida somewhere south of Miami to use the Gulfstream current which is around 3 mph northerly. Bimini is the closest island.

I have looked for articles of a kayaker doing this which seems like something someone would be doing every so often but have found nothing. May be a good reason for that.

Has anyone done this or know of someone who has?

Hoping I don’t have to go…


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Verlen Kruger and Valerie Fons paddled through there on their way to South America during the “Two Continent Canoe Expedition” in the later eighties.

You should be able to find something online about it.

Here is some info:

Kruger island hoped the entire chain all the way to S. America

Anything more current?
I find it strange that there are no reports of people kayaking from Florida to Bimini or other Bahama island. Maybe the Gulfstream is too unpredictable for a 20-hr paddle. I will keep searching. Appreciate any help.

not surprised at all…with florida having 2000 miles of coastline and probably again in the interior i wouldnt expect it to be common or desirable to paddle out there to bimini…

i know kruger told me before he died that they got stuck out there during one of the hurricanes and paddled throu well into the night and next day without reaching land and the seas were near 20 feet high…they were catamarand together obviously

thats the only one I know of
As far as I know, Kruger was the only one.

I would also recommend a Kruger-designed boat for the trip if you plan on doing it.

Thanks for the input
There must be a reason no one does this besides it being challenging (stupid?). I’ve kayaked into the gulfstream with my Scupper Pro many times but turned back after 5 miles off the coast. We actually were contemplating using Scupper Pros although I would prefer my CD Solstice. I doubt we will do it but if one of the guys puts a plan together, I will join them.

Anyone with more input please chime in. Thanks for the feedback so far.


someplace to check
you could check out WaterTribe

There are a lot of people from Florida there, and they are all pretty extreme saltwater (and freshwater) paddlers and sailors. You could always sign up for their forum and post your inquiry.

It would probably be your best bet for info out there.

I’ve been thinking of doing their EC race some day too.

email these guys
heres a link with some connections:

Thanks, I read that either that trip or
similar did not make it - the canoe capsized in large waves in the gulf. I will look into their logisitcs and maybe try to contact them.

contact mark or someone from one of the kruger web sites etc…/message boards and get Valerie Fons email/phone etc…and call her. Shes still alive in Michigan and was with Verlen when they paddled to Cape Horn.

Kayaking to the Bahamas
Hey! Wondering if you have found anything further on this kayaking to the Bahamas idea. I was looking into it myself and could not find any information either. I am very interested in doing this, and it would be good to find some others to participate and do it as a group. Else I may end up doing it solo.

did you make any of the contacts I sent to you regarding the two known people who have done it? sure they hold a wealth of info you will never find on the net.

Here you go, try the whole loop!

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Over a year of solo sea kayaking on a journey
from the west coast of Florida to the British
Virgin Islands, in the West Indies, by way of
The Bahamas, The Turks and Caicos, The
Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.
Virgin Islands....

Didn't realize this thread was a year old!

Kayak to Bahamas from Florida
Watch for updates! Now handling publicity for Port Saint Lucie, Florida area kayaker who will be kayaking from Florida to the Bahamas later this summer.

Haven’t check replies in a while
I found that a guy down the block paddled a surf ski from Bahamas to Florida in the 80’s and still holds the record for human-paddle speed for that trip. My group’s interest is waning so I doubt we will pursue this adventure. Just got beat up doing the entire Peace River in extremely low water conditions. Kind of wrecked my CD Solstice - broken rudder, no gel coat/glass left in places on bottom. But we had fun…

Have been looking at a yak trip through the islands for a while. Please share any info. Was thinking Boca to the Western tip of Grand Bahama. 70 miles. After that they are much shorter legs. Rick Carter

Florida to Bahamas
I have always dreamed of this paddle. I am an intermediate kayak and paddle boarder. It is very curious that there are not more people who have attempted this.

I have been thinking of this paddle since mid 90’s. Has anyone here done or know of someone who has done this since this post started?