Paddle to, thru and around Alaska 5K

Great blog on Beav from last year who paddled from Seattle up the Coast to Alaska, then up and over Chillkoot pass portaging his canoe, then down the Yukon to the ocean then around the coast to Anchorage.

5000-miles solo.

Amazing solo trip…

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...haven't read the blog yet but it looks good.

That route was originally done in 1936 by some Sea Scouts from Santa Monica. He probably mentions them in the blog. They didn't drag their stuff up the Chilcoot, though. They loaded their canoes on the train and had them dropped off at the top while hiking up the tracks to save money.

If you haven't read it yet check out "Cruise of the Blue Flujin" by Ken Wise.


That is an uncommon man in a common world. Unbelievable journey. I have been over Chilkoot Pass and it is no picnic especially carrying a kayak. I would like to follow a guy like that around awhile and learn a few things.