Paddle Travel Case

I am looking for a travel case for a 2 piece kayak paddle. The paddle would be checked baggage on a plane so it needs to be durable and tough. Any suggestions?

Gun cases.
If it’s a hard case you’re after. Might raise eyebrows at an airport, though.

Sport Tube
They make snowboard cases out of abs plastic. Essentially they are two telescoping, closed end plastic tubes. They are adjustable in length and have the necessary handles for easy carrying. I believe they come in 3 sizes. I’ve had one for years. I often stuff my kneeling pad PFD and paddles in it. The airlines have tried their best to destroy it and none have succeeded yet.

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Pack it
in with your clothes. The padding will protect it from any normal handling and it won’t take up much space. No need to but a special case for it. I have traveled with enough gear for a week long backbacking trip in one large case.

NRS travel case
I have carried paddles all over in this case. It provides good protection and holds up to 4 paddles.

paddle case
Go to current designs kayaks web site. Look at the case they have. You can order direct from them. Good case. Vaughn Fulto

Sport Tube

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They actually make lots of hard cases. Check out the ski cases also.

I bought one last year and used it when flying to/from Maine.

Cut some minicell foam to put at the very ends of the case and to keep the paddle pieces from hitting each other inside. The airline guys ABUSE these cases. How do I know? My new case got dented at one corner. Dented in such a way that they must've shoved something like a prybar straight onto the corner. The plastic in these cases is very tough, so they had to really try to damage it, the bastards. The paddles inside were fine.

Also, buy a special padlock with thin, short cable that will fit the tiny holes in the case so you can lock it closed. I bought one from Samsonite.

Also, read your airline's luggage restrictions. These cases may or may not be allowed as oversized luggage; I remember that it was possible I could've been charged something like $200 (instead of $50) if they had categorized it as something else. Do NOT tell them it is kayaking gear, whatever you do. You are at the mercy of whoever is on duty when you check in.

Second that Recommendation
I bought a 2 ski Sport Tube for my carbon double blade kayak paddle which I took with me to paddle a rental kayak in the Virgin Islands.

The tube telescopes down to fit your break down paddle. The 2 ski model also gave me room for my wet suit, snorkel gear, and other small water related items. You’re going to pay to check any baggage so you might as well get one that lets you fill up with other gear. The Sports Tube has roller wheels so you can easily move it thru the airport. I spent extra for the carry handle - seemed over priced but it was very useful to simply clip it to the case and wheel it around.

PS - Additional Thoughts
Airlines do have a length limit on checked baggage, but my 230 paddle broken down easily fit within that limit.

My Sport Tube had foam paddling at both ends to cushion blade tips.

If you buy a lock for the case, get one that is a thin cable model to fit the holes in the case AND one that the TSA can unlock without cutting your cable lock. A TSA lock has a special key that the TSA can use without damaging your lock. TSA capable locks are not that expensive.

third vote
Me and the SportTube took 3 overseas and several local trips. I can fit 4 paddles and all my paddling gear plus lots of other random stuff inside, then compress it all to avoid oversize charges. One of my happiest purchases. Lyn

Golf club travel bag
I’ve had great luck packing my gear, clothing, etc. along with my 2 pc paddles all in a wheeled “soft” golf club travel case. The airlines tend to cater to golfers and don’t hassle them for “oversized” luggage. I picked one up at Dicks Sports for $52 about 3 years ago.

second the golf bag
got an abs plastic hard sided golf bag. amazing what I can stuff in that thing.


Received My Case Today
And wow! What a super case, for it can hold both of my Onno take apart wing paddles that are already stored in a padded soft cover/bag. Right now, I’m busy removing all the stuck on informative sales stickers and labels from it, for I don’t want to tempt any baggage handlers into testing out the case to see how much abuse it can take.