paddle upgrade

Am looking to upgrade my paddle this year. I can’t spend a lot of money(kayaking isin’t my only love)so I need a lot of bang for my buck. Started paddling last year, and bought a paddle without a lot of knowledge beforehand. Now that I have some knowledge AND experience, have shopped around and found several under $100 that I like. I’m only a slow, river and lake paddler, so I don’t need kevlar, or carbon fiber,etc. My choices are Bending Branches, Aqua Bound, or Werner. Give me some feedback on personal experiences with any of these brands. Thanks!

go used
Paddles show up on all sorts of message boards. Why, I happen to have 2 waterstick Karma paddles for sale - straight shaft 210 + 215. $100 each.

All are good paddles. Good paddles are not cheap. Used is probably the way to go. Check out the for sale items at this site. Good luck. VF