Paddle With Beluga Pleasantly surprised by a pod of beluga whales a few miles up 20 Mile River near Portage Alaska


Nice pics. I like those low clouds. Must be difficult to run a compass course with Paris standing in front of it. :wink:

Spectacular. I gave up sea kayaking because there was no place for my 60 pound Border Collie. JRTs are all dog all the time. Belugas are really cool cetaceans. I am used to having salmon and sea lions swim under the boat, but I have only been near whales in a power boat.

Most excellent!

Which boat were you paddling?

My 1984 Mariner

A friend has one. Nice boat but he has no deck ornament. :dog2:

Very cool! We got to warch belugas feeding in their protected nursery at Baie Marguerite off of Saguenay fiord in Quebec a few summers ago but nowhere near that close (even kayaks are banned from the nursery so we were ashore).

Paris is so unflappable! Though this encounter has to be no big deal for her after that one you two had with the bubble net feeding humpback pod a few years ago. I still revisit that clip with amazement.