I originally bought a Bending Branches slice paddle with a small shaft but I realized it was too short (210) and traded it for a Bending Branches glide paddle which was only paddle available in a small shaft 220 at the time for $100. I have since learned that this is a “low angle” paddle. I have a Dagger Blackwater 12 which I bought to use on rivers, creeks and small rapids. I took this paddle (glide) out yesterday and did ok although I think I miss the bigger “face” of the slice. What is the real difference b/w these paddles and is the glide right for what I intend to use it for? Any suggestions? The local REI did not know what the difference was b/w the two paddles but they will take it back.

Thanks, Nicole

Depends on what you are going to paddle

If you are going to be doing any whitewater, I’d go with the high angle paddle (Slice). A low angle paddle is usually used for touring, it will be less tiring, but not quite as fast as a high angle stroke.

The other times you’d probably want to do a low angle stroke is when paddling in high winds.

I paddle on the ocean almost exclusively so my paddling has gone very low angle with a GP for the most part.

I find it incredible that REI can sell a paddle and not know what it’s appropriate use is.

Typical big box b-s. They market themselves as if they are enthusiasts, but don’t know crap about paddling.

The diff between a 210 and 220 is negligble. Most rec paddlers tend to paddle with a lower angle, since it’s harder to get the paddle vertical on strokes on a wider boat. Your 220 will probably serve you just fine.

Thanks for the advice! Actually, I am wondering about the difference b/w a glide paddle and a slice paddle. My question is: For kayaking on rivers, creeks and small rabids, should I use a Bending Branches slice or glide paddle?

Is anyone familiar with these paddles?

I am happy with the length(220) as with the 210 I was bashing my hands against the boat.