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Does anyone know what kind of paddle this is?

probably a Swift
I can’t tell by looking at it, but Eddyline makes the Swift brand paddles, so could be one of those.

Looks like a Swift to me too

I don’t know. It doesn’t look anything like a swift to me. The blade stiffeners (or whatever it is called) on the Swifts appear to all be pretty much straight and inline with the shaft and a bit thinner. The stiffener in the pictured paddle appears to have a very thick curved and organic look to it. At least it does to me.

scroll a couple of pictures

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You can see the same boat along with a red version from above taken from the bridge. In that picture you can see the swift logo on the blade. The curve is probably exaggerated from using a gopro.
That's deception pass and canoe pass by the way.

In the picture from above the green kayak is a Raven. The red one is a Fathom. In the original picture the green kayak is a Fathom. So they are not the same. I would agree that the paddles in the image from above are both Swifts but still unconvinced about the original image.